Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Plants vs Zombies 2 Ancient Egypt Day 2 Star 2

Welcome to the Plants Vs Zombies 2 Strategy Guide. Plants vs Zombies 2 is the latest hit tower defense game and the follow up to the blockbuster original. You will find a complete guide to the game here, including hints, tips, cheats and full strategy guides. We have hand picked the best video walkthroughs as well, to help you fight off the zombies and collect all of the stars.

Here is our guide to obtain star number 2 on day 2 of ancient Egypt.

1 - Take in the sun

You should  begin by building two lr three sunflowers. Start on the very back row and then onto the second row.

2 - Sacrifice a plant

You won't have time or enough sun to build the perfect set up from the start, so use a potato mine to protect what you have. Remember, a potato mine exploding will cost you a lost plant, so use wisely. Save your remaining potato mine for when you need it. Don't waste it.

3 - Save the Sun

Don't build just for the sake of it. Wait until you need to build before dropping some sun on a new catapult or bonk choy! This allows you to place plants where you need them, instead of sitting there watching zombies advance, wishing that you had placed a plant somewhere else.

4 - Build a wall of nuts

Wall nuts are your next line of defense after you stop using potato mines. They should be placed as far right in the screen as possible, to allow the weapons behind them as much time as possible to take out the zombies.

5 - Use the Shovel

Don't be afraid to remove plants, especially mines and icebergs, if they look like they are not needed. When they blow up, it costs a lost plant on certain levels. Also, it's useful to remove them on levels that have a maximum plant limit.